Jay Hello La !






my name is Ahmed Hashim and I have new ideas for computer design

and I want to work for AMD

I may be short in the technical experience but I never run out ideas

and my ideas is more like logic develop for general design

so you can use my ideas and your experience to make another

generation of computer built in new rules

and for your consideration I have so many ideas for every computer


I tried the last month to contact with your company so i begin with

custom service and they guide my to research and development

offices and I sent so many fax's and their is no respond

and I cant make an international phone call

The that I tried to use my ideas is that i had old one that been done

like the sold stat Intel drive I thought in it long ago to use memory instead

of hard disk but they did it rung

and increase Intel processor grid to decrease heat

and connect ram to processor directly to increase speed

and connect sata primary drive to the main chipset

but it didn't happen yet

I cant put my ideas in here in public

but I can to any one from AMD

please I am series

my email is

[email protected]

thank you